Young athlete sport injury service

The young athlete sport injury service is led by Jordan Raugust, MD and exclusively available at the Running Injury Clinic. Dr. Raugust teams-up with Shari Macdonald, the Clinic Director, one of the top physiotherapists in Canada with a special interest in sport. Their multi-disciplinary team can provide an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

This service is focused on sports-related injuries in children. This service does not require a referral. Please call 403-460-5642 to book an appointment.

The staff at the Running Injury Clinic are amongst the top clinicians in Canada and the addition of Dr. Raugust makes us one of the top sports medicine clinics in Calgary to specialize in youth sport injuries.

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We are the world leaders in 3D gait assessment and technology. Our team consists of biomedical engineers, biomechanists, clinical scientists, and licensed health professionals.

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