Medavie Blue Cross: Submit your claim for reimbursement

mbc-lander-banner2In compliance with insurance industry standards for reimbursement, Braceworks certify our custom foot orthotics are:

  • Fabricated using 3D volumetric model of the patient’s foot
  • Made of raw materials in our lab located on-site
  • Designed specifically for the patient.

Fees include any adjustments that may be required to fit the foot orthotic to the patient.

Expedite your claim for reimbursement by submitting the following:

  1. Prescription by Physician indicating condition and treatment
  2. Biomechanical Assessment by Orthotist
  3. Fabrication Form by Orthotist
  4. Receipt of payment

Quick reference guidelines to help you submit an eligible claim, Medavie Blue Cross FLY-144E 11/13

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