Specialists in knee ligament injury and osteoarthritis


Professional knowledge and extensive personal experience in custom knee bracing equip Braceworks clinicians to provide comprehensive orthotic care throughout the progression – from knee ligament injury to osteoarthritis and total knee replacement.

Patient History: Marc Schneider
Age 19 ACL Repair (Right knee)
Age 21 Medial Menisectomy (Right knee)
Age 23 ACL Reconstruction (Right knee)
Age 41 Debride Joint (Right knee) and Plica Removal (Left knee) followed by ACL Reconstruction (Right knee) 6 months later using patellar tendon graft
Age 46 Synvisc-One injections (Right knee)
Age 48 Total Knee Replacement (Right knee)

Tips on Osteoarthritis
Regular exercise involving low impact activities such as cycling and strength training are key to maintaining range of motion. Pain and loss of range of motion are clues to follow up with your rehabilitation specialist for a tune-up. Consider taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate supplement to relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Visit Arthritis Research UK for more information on supplements.

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