Osteoarthritis more likely following ACL reconstruction

pool-lanesOsteoarthritis was approximately three times more likely to occur in the knee of a patient who underwent ACL reconstruction compared with the contralateral knee, according to a study.

Healio Orthopeidcs Today May 27, 2014

Researchers conducted a regression analysis in 135 patients following ACL reconstruction. Patients were randomized to receive a semitendinosus tendon or bone-patellar tendon-bone graft at a mean of 14 years postoperatively. At this time, factors such as radiologic results, Tegner activity levels, and KOOS values were analyzed.

Medial compartment osteoarthritis (OA) was observed in 57% of OA cases in the reconstructed knee and 18% of cases in the contralateral knee. Lower KOOS results were seen in patients with OA in all subscales, showing a likelihood that OA was symptomatic, according to the researchers.

Time between injury and reconstruction was not found to be a significant risk factor. Additionally, no significant difference in OA or KOOS values was observed between graft types. Meniscus resection was a strong risk factor for medial compartment OA, according to the researchers.

Source Healio Orthopeidcs Today

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