Hip brace for recovery after hip arthroscopy

rebound-hip-ossur-horseÖssur announced it has launched Rebound® Hip, a new lightweight brace for patients recovering from hip arthroscopy, gluteus medius repair or hamstring repair surgery, according to a company press release.

Rebound’s universally sized frame has a quick-fit sliding mechanism that makes it easy for clinicians to fit patients of different heights, according to the release. The hip brace is customizable to the patient’s anatomy and provides comfort. It is available in both standard and non-hinged versions.

“More than 130,000 hip arthroscopies are performed annually worldwide, and the vast majority of cases are because of [femoracetabular impingement] FAI,” Jason Thorne, Össur’s vice president of global marketing and OA&I solutions, said in the release. “We developed Rebound Hip specifically so that clinicians could help this growing populating of patients with a low-profile, lightweight solution intended to aid in their recovery and restore their mobility.”

Source Healio Orthopedics Today

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