Protect and stabilize your knee with a custom knee brace

Maintain your active lifestyle with confidence by protecting and stabilizing your knee – on the field, the slopes and in the water.


Top 3 custom knee braces for protection and stability – recommended with confidence, gained from years of personal and professional experience.
  1. CTi® and Paradigm® by Össur
  2. Fusion® by BREG
  3. Defiance® III by Donjoy

Do you suffer from knee hyperextension, moderate to severe knee ligament instability, have had knee ligament reconstruction or pursue extreme sports like motocross?

Choose our qualified professionals – specializing in custom knee bracing for the treatment of knee ligament protection and instability.

As Orthotists, our clinicians have exclusive access to the full range of custom knee braces to provide you with unbiased advice and assistance in choosing the best solution to meet your functional needs.

As an Approved Provider for AADL, WCB and NIHB, we are uniquely qualified to assess your eligibility for coverage with these public insurance programs. Seniors aged 65 and older are cost-share exempt with AADL.

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