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We help infants, toddlers and children move better! We help them develop their motor skills including crawling, sitting, walking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and riding a bike. We love to get moving and helping kids feel great as they move!

We can also help your child get back to play and sports following an injury, surgery or major health event.

Occupational Therapy

The OT services will aim to support the child and family in learning strategies to address areas of self-care, household chores, sensory regulation, emotional regulation, attention, focus, play, social skills, routines and so much more!

Such a big area that we can support is the independence with self-care. We specialize in picky eating and can help make meal times positive!

Diet & Nutrition

Having the support of a Registered Dietitian who specializes in pediatrics can make a big difference in family mealtimes. Our dietitian can provide guidance on nutrition for growth & development, therapeutic diets for health conditions and healthy weight management.

One of the big areas that we support families is with picky eating! We like to use a team-based approach and our dietitian is an important part of our team to ensure proper nutrition.

Kids’ Yoga, Mindfulness & Wellness

Learn how to self regulate and cultivate inner peace with breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises which cultivate a calm mind. Develop tools to help with stressors of everyday life.

Foster confidence with fun yoga movements and poses which will promote strength, agility and flexibility.

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