Unloading brace

A knee brace designed to transfer pressure within the knee, ‘unloading’ one side of the joint to the other.

Relief for joints besieged by arthritis

If you live long enough — that is, beyond 50 or 60 — chances are one or more of your joints, probably your knees or hips, will become arthritic. And if pain or stiffness begin to seriously limit your ability to enjoy life and … READ MORE

Knee pain and how orthotics can help

Improve Mobility. Stay Healthy. Many of us suffer from chronic pain in the knees, hips or lower back. Often, there is a connection between these complaints and the way you walk. This article sheds more light on knee pain and in … READ MORE

Physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis

New study puts four treatment strategies to the test. We believed there was a need to improve both the magnitude and sustainability of treatment effects of exercise therapy for improving pain and function in people with knee OA. G. … READ MORE

Combination therapy eases OA knee pain

“…the long-term clinical studies of stimulator treatment have shown reductions in pain and associated symptoms, improved function, overall improvement in OA knees, and substantial deferral of TKA for at least 4 years.” Lower … READ MORE

Optimize bracing for knee OA

Significant improvements in pain, function and loading, and propulsive forces were seen with the valgus brace. Evoke™ knee brace highlights. OssKin By Larry Hand, Lower Extremity Review November 2013 ▽ Table of Contents … READ MORE

Brace yourself for knee pain relief

If you’re among the estimated 10 million [Americans, annually] who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, take heart in knowing that several nonsurgical options, pharmacologic and otherwise, are available for … READ MORE

OA bracing: Spin class

Rotation may be key to pain relief. Research from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City confirms that the kinetic effects of osteoarthritis knee bracing are in fact related to bracing’s effects on knee pain—but not in … READ MORE

OA knee braces: Buying time

Long-term compliance data raise issues. A study published in the August issue of Orthopedics found that although un­loader braces effectively relieve pain and improve function in patients with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis, … READ MORE
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