Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score

Pre-referral MRIs not often necessary

An MRI isn’t always the best first-choice for diagnosis when patients present with knee pain. While MRI is highly sensitive and it can detect intra-articular pathology, these changes might be associated with degenerative joint … READ MORE

Comparing physical therapy and knee surgery

Predictors of crossover to surgery in patients with meniscal tears and OA. Can “prehab” improve outcomes after acl surgery? Dr. David Geier Susan London, Internal Medicine News May 13, 2015 SEATTLE – Certain clinical factors … READ MORE

What you need to know about prehabilitation

Most of us know the value of rehabilitation following a surgery, such as a joint replacement, and how it restores physical strength and function. What may be less familiar is the concept of rehabilitation prior to surgery, or … READ MORE

Brace therapy in uni-compartmental OA

Offloading strategies for knee osteoarthritis. Brace therapy plays an important role in conservative treatment of knee OA. Several types of braces are commercially available from multiple manufacturers; however, “unloading” braces … READ MORE
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