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Rather than taking measurements by hand, clinicians may prefer a 3D scanner on an iPad.

☞ Download the Braceworks Pectus Brace® order form, PDF

Visit the  Apple App Store or ▶︎ Google Play on your tablet or phone to install Adobe Acrobat Reader for mobile devices.

For ease of use, we recommend opening the Braceworks Pectus Brace® order form in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

  1. View the PDF form in your web browser
  2.  Save  a copy of the order form PDF document on your computer
  3.  Open  Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible PDF reader app
  4. Select  File  click  Open…  in the application menu
  5.  Select  (highlight) the PDF document saved on your computer, click  Open 
  6. Fill the form
  7. Select  File  click  Save…  or  Save As… 
  8. FAX the completed form, along with the prescription to Braceworks 403-217-4687

Please complete the entire form to avoid delays. Call  403-240-9100 with questions. Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended. Also available for tablets and phones in the  Apple App Store or ▶︎ Google Play.

Bracing is preferred to surgery in many cases

As a first principle, surgery and a prolonged recovery is to be avoided whenever possible, especially with children. While it may not be possible in every case, the majority of patients present a protrusion that can be treated unobtrusively and in reasonable comfort.

Besides moderate cases, asymmetries and complications have also been treated successfully with the Braceworks Pectus Brace®. Consult your doctor for a diagnosis and discuss alternative treatment, including the Braceworks Pectus Brace®.

Every situation is unique

Speak directly with an orthotist about your options. Call  403-240-9100. Thoracic surgeons have treated hundreds of children successfully with our advanced, light weight, user adjustable brace. Patients continue active lives, including sports, while wearing their Braceworks Pectus Brace®.

Comfort is decisive in a device worn for 12 hours a day

Comfort is the key because the brace is worn continuously to provide compression during regular daily activity. Each Braceworks Pectus Brace® is custom fitted and unobtrusive. Users report increased comfort with the Braceworks Pectus Brace®. Increased rates of patient adoption and compliance yield consistent treatment and better results.

Visible gains in early adjustment boost patient confidence. According to the Calgary Protocol for bracing of Pectus carinatum, patients wear the Braceworks Pectus Brace® diligently, compressing the point of the most prominent sternal protrusion. Dynamic pressure stimulates bone and cartilage remodelling.

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