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Drop-in service for minor repairs while you wait. Drop off your used devices for recycling. Please call ahead.
Braceworks is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada ☞ See map below

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Have the fit and function of your orthosis assessed by a professional orthotist.[Call Braceworks  403-240-9100. We will confirm the anniversary date of your orthosis and your cost share status with AADL.

AADL clients pay 25% of the cost of the benefit whether they access health services in approved community-based clinics or public hospitals.

☞ How can I tell when my child is outgrowing the AFO?

Braceworks is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada ☞ See map below
Clients are eligible for one orthotic device per joint every two years
AADL acknowledges the growth and developmental needs of children and as such, provides an extra orthotic device within the two-year period to meet the child’s evolving needs.
 A third device within 2 years  may be allowed if the prescription indicates due to change in condition or surgery. The cost of a third orthotic device within the two-year period may be referred to alternative funding sources.
 Claims for patients with private insurance  are expedited with detailed receipts and a clinically approved Biomechanical Examination in compliance with insurance industry standards.
 Seniors aged 65 and over are exempt from cost-share  with AADL.  AISH Clients  are cost-share exempt with Alberta Health. Low-income Albertans may be exempt from the $500 cost-share. You can apply for a cost-share exemption from AADL directly with the Cost-Share Exemption form.
 AADL clients under the age of 65  years are responsible for 25 percent of the cost of the benefits to a maximum of $500.00 per family per year (July 1 to June 30). Braceworks bills AADL directly for the eligible amount. Payment of the client portion is due on fitting the orthotic device.
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