Childhood development

Resources for families with special needs

How does helping people affect your brain?

Study shows neurobiological effects of providing support to others. Providing “targeted” social support to other people in need activates regions of the brain involved in parental care may help researchers understand the … READ MORE

Pectus carinatum bracing – FAQs for parents

Help your child wear the brace exactly as recommended by your health care provider. This will help your child get the best results from it. Bracing in pediatric patients with pectus carinatum is effective and improves quality of life. … READ MORE

Flat head syndrome – what is it?

The term Flat Head Syndrome is another term for Plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly is a blanket word for covering three different types of flattening on a child’s head. Align Clinics, Cardiff UK by Lisa Williams, Align Clinics March  … READ MORE
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