Braceworks Pectus Brace wear and care

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Braceworks Pectus Brace® Wearing Schedule.
Phase 1: Correction.

Wear the brace at least 12 hours/day. You may reasonably expect the bump to correct within 2 to 4 months depending on the flexibility of your chest wall, your age at commencement of treatment and your adherence to the prescribed wearing schedule.

Day Hours Guidance
1 2 Ease into wearing your brace gradually, increasing the length of time each day – getting comfortable with position, assemblies and degree of compression you apply.
2 4
3 8
4 10
5+ 12 For increased comfort wearing your brace during night time, you may consider purchasing an eggcrate mattress topper. Discontinue wearing the brace during the night time, if it disturbs your sleep.
Phase 2: Maintenance

As soon as the bump corrects, reduce your wearing time to 8 hours/day. If you notice the bump re-appear, (e.g., during a growth spurt, discontinued wearing during a vacation, camp, illness), simply increase your wearing time temporarily until the bump corrects again. Repeat, as required.

Phase 3: End of Treatment

As long as you’re growing, the bump may re-appear. To ensure long-term success, continue the maintenance phase of treatment wearing your brace 8 hours/day until you’ve achieved 12 months with no growth in your height.


The benefits of maintaining your regular physical activities are very important to developing the core strength and stability that will contribute to your chest wall health. To avoid the risk of injury to yourself, another person or damage to your brace, remove your brace and store safely before engaging in activities involving contact with other people or hard surfaces (e.g., skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding).

Base Layer For greater comfort, skin protection, ease of adjustability and personal hygience, wear your brace over a fitted undershirt, e.g., Under Armour®. Parents: it’s easier to launder undershirts than wipe down the brace.
Brace Put your brace on over your base layer, ensuring no wrinkles.
Outer Layer The brace can be worn discreetly under a loose fitting sweatshirt or hoodie.

DO NOT submerge or soak the brace under water. Clean your brace at least daily, more frequently as required.

Skin Redness

Dark red skin colour under the pad is normal, with the correct degree of compression. It will fade within 60 minutes of removing the brace.

Skin Irritation

This is an indication that you may be applying too much compression. In this case, discontinue wearing the brace until your skin has healed.


This is a medical device. It is durable but not indestructable. Handle with care to avoid damage.

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