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Walking frame could keep older adults active

A robotic walking frame that could help older people recover more quickly after a fall or injury, reducing the length of time they need to stay in hospital, is being developed in partnership with researchers at Northumbria University, … READ MORE

One sexy walker!

I love how designer Manuel Hess put it… “a walker doesn’t have to look like a disease itself.” Harsh but SO true! His proposal for a walker, called PROSUS, ditches the stigma and is instead designed with dignity in mind. By … READ MORE

Standing wheelchairs rise to new heights

As someone who has resided on wheels for most of my young life, looking up at the rest of the world has sometimes left me yearning for a bullhorn to shout, “Hello up there! Remember me way down here!” Robert Nedens stands often in … READ MORE

Wearable chair for surgeons

Here is a wearable chair that allows surgeons to perform long surgeries with less muscle fatigue. It supports a half-sitting posture and reduces the burden of standing for hours each day. Cool Wearables. Archelis wearable chair helps … READ MORE

Winnipeg standing frame

Standing frames provide a base of support for Standing Therapy to improve access to social, vocational and recreational activities while improving the body’s physiological functioning. A standing frame provides an alternative … READ MORE
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