Wearable chair for surgeons

Here is a wearable chair that allows surgeons to perform long surgeries with less muscle fatigue. It supports a half-sitting posture and reduces the burden of standing for hours each day. Cool Wearables.


Archelis wearable chair helps surgeons through long hours of surgery.

By Yukari Mitsuhashi, The Bridge January 23, 2016

As IT industry workers normally work facing desktops or laptops, more than a few of them are willing to use items like a standing desk to avoid sitting at work all day. While there are many jobs that let people work while standing, one of the hardest is probably surgical operations which force surgeons to keep standing for long hours.

A wearable chair called Archelis (Aruki yasui isu, 歩きやすい椅子 meaning ‘walkable chair’ or ‘easy to walk chair’ in Japanese) is designed for surgeons, allowing them to sit during surgery, thus reducing fatigue during long and physically demanding operations. It was developed for people in the medical field, but it can also help any worker in any industry who must stand for long periods.

Archelis was developed by Yokohama-based mold factory Nitto in collaboration with Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Hiroaki Nishimura Design, and Japan Polymer Technology. They aim to begin selling the product this summer.

Source The Bridge

This is the abridged version from the original article in Japanese. Translated by Minako Ambiru via Mother First. Edited by Kurt Hanson and Masaru Ikeda.

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Wearable chair “Alcheris” image video. “Archelis” is a wearable chair born from the needs of the medical field. archelis.com. Youtube 29 Dec 2015
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