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If your baby is diagnosed with Deformational Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly or Scaphocephaly and is between the ages of 3 and 18 months, your pediatrician or specialist may refer you to a practitioner who specializes in providing plagiocephaly helmet therapy.

Braceworks welcomes referrals from pediatric physiotherapists specializing in repositioning therapy for evaulation and 3D scanning. Call  403-240-9100 in Calgary to inquire.

3D scanning for plagiocephaly helmet therapy with the SmartSoc® and Orthomerica app.

Most infants whose heads ‘tip’ to one side or the other, and/or show ‘flattening’ in some areas of their head respond very well to Repositioning Therapy under the guidance of a Pediatric Physiotherapist — teaching parents in one-on-one or weekly group classes over a period of a couple of months.

Early intervention, starting at 3 months of age — while your child’s head is growing most rapidly — is key to achieving successful outcomes with repositioning therapy.

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Some infants may require referral to a Pediatric Orthotist certified in cranial products for further evaluation. Children require very careful monitoring of the fit and function of their devices. Skilled Pediatric Orthotists assess your child’s progress and make fine adjustments to accommodate growth and development over the course of treatment.

Each STARband® Cranial Remolding Orthosis is custom made of plastic and foam to correct your baby’s head shape gently, as they grow.

Measurement and Comparison Unit (MCU) software from Orthomerica allows an orthotist to provide concise and objective measurements of a child’s head shape. Whether treating conservatively, with a helmet or just monitoring for growth, the MCU will show comparative changes in growth and symmetry. OAPL

Infants between the ages of 4 and 6 months who have not achieved the desired level of correction with Repositioning Therapy may be referred by their Physiotherapist for further assessment and treatment with a cranial orthosis, if prescribed by your child’s Physician. ☞ Download Assessment guides here.
Marc Schneider, Orthotist – Pediatric Specialist
Certified, Cranial Products, Orthomerica ✩ All Star
Welcome, introductions, and review of diagnosis, referral and prescription

  • Patient History
  • Head measurements by calipers and 3D scanning
  • Review and discussion of severity of head shape deformity and treatment options available
Measurement Method
SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System by Orthomerica
Measurement with SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System is accurate to 0.08mm (0.02%) of the STARscanner® based on a head circumference of 400 mm at 6 months of age.
STARlight® Cranial Orthosis STARband® Cranial Orthosis
Clear plastic shell with foam pads and Velcro® closure Opaque plastic shell with Pelite® liner, foam insert and Velcro® closure
Mild Moderate to Severe
Follow Up Visits
Age 3-4 months 4-12 months 12-18 months
Frequency Every week Every 2 weeks Every 3 weeks
Measure the infant’s head including circumference, anterior-posterior and medial-lateral to monitor growth and change in symmetry and proportion.
Assess fit and function of the cranial orthosis, making adjustments to accommodate growth and development.
$2,500 including all support and servicing to adjust the Cranial Orthosis to accommodate growth and development over the course of treatment.
Detailed estimates, including measurements indicating severity of condition according to clinical indices, available upon request for submission to your Private insurer for prior approval.
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The One and Only STARband®

Around the world, more than 600,000 infants have been successfully treated with the STARband®. By design, the STARband® allows for the successful completion of treatment in more than 98%+ of all deformational plagiocephaly and brachycephaly patients with a single orthosis.

To achieve that level of success, families must comply with the recommended 23-hour per day wearing schedule and participate in a structured follow-up program involving ongoing adjustments and modifications. The need for a second headband is rarely indicated, if the clinical protocols are followed correctly.

Repositioning Therapists
Calgary Youth Physiotherapy
203, 7720 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 1K2
T  403-259-8534
F  403-259-8409
Calgary Youth Physiotherapy
101, 4616 Valiant Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T3A 0X9
T  403-289-9883
F  403-289-9873
Lakeview Physiotherapy
11, 6449 Crowchild Trail SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 5R7
T  587-317-9981
Infant Head Shape Services
South Health Campus
7B, 4448 Front Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T3M 1M4
T  403-956-2575
F  403-956-2595
Infant Head Shape Program
Alberta Children’s Hospital
28 Oki Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 6A8
T  403-955-7918
F  403-476-7756
Christine MacSween MScPT
Repositioning Therapy
Vida Health & Wellness
203, 1640-16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L6
T  403-237-0211‬
F  403-770-8365‬
Lori Walker Krause BScPT MCPA CAFCI
Milestones Physical Therapy Services
T  403-796-8664‬
Joanna Smith Physiotherapist
Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy
760, 500 Country Hills Blvd NE
Calgary, Alberta T3K 4Y7
T  403-226-7680
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Around Australia, OAPL use the SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System by Orthomerica for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of cranial deformities present in infants. OAPL Youtube Aug 7, 2017
My Baby’s Head is Flat: What is Positional/Deformational Cranial Asymmetry?
If your baby’s head is flat or not symmetric, you might have some questions as to why or how. In this video, we discuss plagiocephaly, other aspects of cranial asymmetries, and methods of treatment for your child. Want to learn more about STARband? Check out for more information. Orthomerica Products Inc. Youtube Nov 15, 2016
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