What are the best socks to wear with AFOs?


We include a pair of SmartKnit Seamless Socks with every new AFO, SMO, KAFO.
SmartKnit Seamless socks for adults and children protect foot and leg. They are designed specifically for AFO and KAFO wearers to maximize skin health and provide all-day comfort. The key to successful brace therapy is user compliance and individual comfort is essential.

SmartKnit seamless socks worn with AFOs and KAFOs have proven helpful in preventing skin irritation under braces by reducing pressure around toes. The X-Static Toe reduces wrinkling and bunching and CoolMax® breathable, anti-microbial fibre eliminates odour and keep limbs cool.

Available in a choice of colours.

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Accessorize your SMOs, AFOs, KAFOs with SmarKnit Seamless Socks

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