ArcticFlash Ice Hockey Sledge


A limited number of the fabled ArcticFlash™ Sledges are now in stock in Calgary. These exceptional ice hockey sledges were originally designed for the German Olympic Team by Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH. Replacement parts and high tempered blades are in stock too. Let’s talk about custom buckets and blade block assemblies. Stock or custom, you’re going to love it.

 Custom fitting  is included with every ArcticFlash sledge because we care about your performance and safety. Call 403-240-9100 for a fitting.


Sledge Hockey – The Power Game

Sledge hockey requires players to expend their full power, endurance and speed in order to assert themselves in the fastest and most demanding of all Paralympic disciplines.

This is where the ArcticFlash comes into play. Top-quality materials and a design optimised for weight qualify it as the power player among ice hockey sledges.

Its aluminium frame and low total weight of approximately five kilograms result in a noticeable mobility advantage. Easy to handle and straightforward to adapt to the individual needs of each player. With the ArcticFlash, demanding requirements at the highest level of play can be mastered.

ArcticFlash – The Power Player

Training wheels for little ones.

The ArcticFlash corresponds to international rules and regulations and is optimally adaptable to the individual needs of each player. Its building block system supports a customised structure with straightforward retrofitting where required.

Two anterior frame types, three seating shell sizes and two runner systems are available. The seating shell and runner block are continuously adjustable along the frame; a sophisticated adjustment system allows balance fine-tuning.

Depending on the style of play, players can select T’blade high performance runners or the robust, virtually indestructible CCM steel runners. Various positions of the belt system on the seating shell are possible and the length is also adjustable, ensuring secure support for the player.

Replacing parts during the game? No problem — the ArcticFlash is designed so that wear parts can be replaced quickly. Replacement is a pit stop between two line changes – and off you go!

Official Ice Sledge. very low total weight – corrosion-free material – seat shell available in 3 sizes – seat shell and skate block are continuous adjustment pair – skate block available in 2 types – multiple positions of the fixation system possible – attractive design. Otto Bock ArcticFlash. Youtube Jun 29, 2011
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