Spooking up wheelchairs for Hallowe’en

One Irish dad in Donegal has made the most incredible Hallowe’en costume for his son.

by samedifference1 October 30, 2015

Oisin Roberts was seven when he first talked about wanting a Halloween costume that incorporated his wheelchair. His favourite character at the time was Batman, so his step-dad Paddy Browne transformed his chair into the Batmobile. Halloween in the Roberts household is now a time when Oisin becomes whoever he wants.

Now nine years old, Oisin lives with his family in a remote village near Letterkenny in Ireland. “I am a Star Wars geek, so this year I’ve been getting Oisin into Star Wars,” says Browne, “and he decided that he wanted to dress up as Darth Vader, so this weekend I turned his chair into the Death Star.”

Oisin uses a wheelchair because of his cerebral palsy and Paddy says he gets a lot of stares from other children because of it. “But now they stare because of how cool his chair is,” Browne says, “and Oisin just loves it.”

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Halloween is just around the corner, and we don’t think that this costume is going to be beaten

batchair-2joe.ie in Donegal, Ireland

Paddy Browne is a man who might just have won himself Dad of the Year with this incredible costume that he’s made for his son Oisin Roberts.

There’s a costume party at Oisin’s school tomorrow in Donegal, and obviously he had to have a decent get up to head to the event, but Paddy absolutely outdid himself with this effort when he made not only a Batman costume for the lad himself, but also turned his son’s wheelchair into the Batmobile, or Batchair in this case.

He attached some cardboard wings to the side of the chair, changed the wheels to include the batman logo, and sorted a pretty great costume for Oisin to wear to school.

No more than the little hero deserves we reckon. We tip our caps to you Paddy, what a legend.

Hat-tip to Paddy for sending the pics our way on Facebook, and Tanya for sending them our way on Twitter.

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Oregon dad Ryan Weimer started a nonprofit to build kids in wheelchairs amazing Halloween costumes that wow their friends and family. Published on Sep 24, 2015.

Thanks to BuzzFeedBlue on Youtube.

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