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early-developmentThe Ability Hub is an initiative of The Sinneave Family Foundation. At The Ability Hub we are working to enhance Life for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder through Innovation, Partnerships and Support. Our work is focused on these key areas:

  • Life and work skills development
  • A Resource Centre that serves as a credible source of information about ASD, resources and support.
  • Increasing access to supported housing which will enable individuals with ASD to live as independently as possible
  • Improving the skills of caregivers

The Ability Hub is a 17,000-square-foot, world-class facility located in Calgary, Alberta at the University of Calgary’s Child Development Centre.  It was purpose-built as an incubator for the advancement of promising practices geared to a growing population of adolescents, adults and families living with ASD.

The Ability Hub’s physical space was designed to address the needs of those with ASD-related sensitivities and includes architectural features that minimize distractions, such as sound-dampening panelling and floor tiles, quiet lighting, curved walls, and colour-coded signage to help individuals transition successfully. space serves as a model for service providers, schools and even families who are looking for best practice in creating positive, welcoming and practical environments for individuals with ASD.

The facility is divided into classrooms, therapy rooms, kitchen facilities, multi-purpose rooms and a self-contained apartment which are all utilized by various pilot or demonstration programs to enable their development. Evaluation of the programs will identify promising practices intended for export to interested communities in Alberta, across Canada and around the world.

The Ability Hub
Suite 300
3820 – 24th Avenue NW
Calgary AB T3B 2X9
Phone 403-210-5000
Toll free 1-888-733-7976

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