Patients give custom foot orthotics high marks

Winnipeg based Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) on April 11 released results of a patient-centered study showing six weeks of custom foot orthosis wear reduced foot and ankle pain and upped activity levels in most people who wore the devices.

The Patient Outcome Measure Evaluation Strategy (POMES) study surveyed 217 patients from 23 Canadian pedorthic clinics over 12 months about their perspectives on custom orthoses before and after using the devices. All were aged between 18 and 65 years and presented with a below knee musculoskeletal condition.

Survey results showed that 91% of patients reported reduced pain after wearing custom orthoses for six weeks; 81% said the orthoses met their goals; 83% said they were very satisfied with how often they wore their orthoses; 93% felt the advantages of the devices outweighed the disadvantages; 77% said their orthoses were very comfortable; and 87% would recommend custom orthoses to family and friends.

Source Lower Extremity Review

The Patients’ Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Custom Made Foot Orthotics, Tyler Amell PhD. White Paper for Pedorthic Association of Canada. April 2016

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