All terrain mobility in a Trekinetic GTE power chair

More than anything, it’s completely a new way of life… and in an everyday capable chair.


The GTE is the first off road and everyday power chair that you can fit into virtually any car. It’s also one of the lightest in the world at 36kg all up*


Therefore you don’t need to have a converted vehicle in which to transport it. This not only saves significant cost, but offers more lifestyle choices, especially with family and friends.

In late 2010, we launched the obvious (and much requested) development of the K-2 and GT-3, the powered GTE. In developing the GTE, we kept most of the aforementioned machines user friendly features, but added one vital ingredient, namely smoothly transmitted electric power.


Trekinetic overview: Who, What, Why?
Trekinetic All Terrain Limited was originally a state of the art engineering company (under a different name) that specialised in the manufacture of components for the Motor Racing and Formula 1 industries. Some of the worlds most iconic road and track vehicles, were originally built on components manufactured in our factory.

Back in 2000, we decided that there must be a way to get this cutting edge technology before a wider audience. But which was the product that could best benefit from such advanced technology?

By chance, we stumbled upon the everyday wheelchair. Alarmingly, it was still based upon an antiquated metal tube chassis design. This technique had been abandoned by most automobile manufacturers in the 1950’s, when they switched to unitary construction. Yet wheelchair manufacturers were still employing it. Why hadn’t they moved on?

Six years, 14 running prototypes and thousands of modifications later, the now definitive Trekinetic 3 wheel, manually propelled K-2 was unleashed upon the world in 2006. It was not entirely ready and not everybody was convinced. However, many wanted to know more and within 2 weeks the fledgling Trekinetic website had rocketed from zero to over 13,000 hits. Plus we had our first few orders.

Trekinetic K-2
Trekinetic K-2 (active manual or attendant). The K2 is the original Trekinetic and instead of a metal chassis like a traditional medical device wheelchair, it has a light weight carbon fibre Monocoque seat. This offers unprecedented comfort and support, because it is anatomically formed to suit the human shape, not two pieces of fabric. Also, did you notice that the big propelling wheels are at the front? That’s because wheel propulsion is easier, when you push horizontally with your back supported. It’s the same principle used by body builders, who find they can lift more weight, lying on their back.

Nowadays, you would be surprised to know, how many people rely on the K-2 for daily transport. From the remotest corners of the globe, to the most exclusive city streets, all our customers share the same open minded approach to life. And with their Trekinetic they are going to get as much out of it as possible.

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