Iris lightweight walking aid is stylish and functional

The Iris walker was designed with as much style as functionality. It’s lightweight, easy to use, easy to fold, and completely practical all while having a slim silhouette, tasteful colors, and a fashionable built-in bag for any goodies you need on-the-go. – Troy Turner, Yanko Design

By Michael Hemsworth, Notey December 8, 2016

Traditional walking aids look like they are better suited to the hospital than for everyday use, so the ‘Iris’ is intended to be a more stylish option for seniors. ‘Iris’ is lightweight in design and features wheels on the two front legs that help to aid when it comes to mobility. The unit features a built-in clutch bag that acts as a stylish replacement for carrying a purse.

The ‘Iris’ walking aid is capable of folding up when not in use to save space and features a darkly hued exterior that makes it look like a high-fashion piece of equipment. As consumers age and more require accessories for mobility, product designs like the ‘Iris’ will likely start to permeate the market more to satisfy the growing demand.

Source Notey

Iris walking aid by Reut Meiri‏‏‎ – with a nod to the Plia folding chair, below, Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli 1967. Pinterest

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