Calgary’s Kyle Miller makes history as first golfer with cerebral palsy in PGA event

26-year-old Kyle Miller determined to soldier through despite challenges.

Calgary’s Kyle Miller has an exemption to play in Mackenzie Tour-PGA Tour Canada’s ATB Financial Classic 2017, August 10-13 at the Country Hills Golf Club in Calgary. He’ll be the first person with cerebral palsy to play in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. Gavin Young, Postmedia. Calgary Herald

By David Bell, CBC News August 10, 2017

A Calgary man is becoming the first golfer with cerebral palsy to compete at a PGA Tour-sanctioned event, the ATB Financial Classic in his home city.

“I have a pretty bad left side in a sense, mobility range is limited with my hand and leg,” Kyle Miller told The Homestretch this week.

“I just have worked through the battle and keep playing golf and caddying. It’s part of the program.”

The 26-year-old, who is also a golf coach, says it was the support and guidance of one of his own coaches that gave him a foundation of confidence.

“I was fortunate enough to have a coach — Marty Desmarais —​ when I was young… help me along the way to start learning the game at a pretty young age and I just stuck with it,” he said.

“Marty just gave me the belief and hope that I could do it. Ultimately, I think that’s the number one thing he has given. He is probably the first person to ever believe in me in that sense.”

Miller says he’s always been determined to work past his medical condition.

“I have always wanted to earn things as straight up as it was going to get,” he explained.

“I was never going to ask for a golf cart when I passed my playability test to turn professional. I carried my bag on my back in 38 degree weather. That’s been a thing of mine since I was kid. It was going to be as straight up as it could be. I wasn’t going to take any handouts.”

He hopes that his experience might nudge to sport to open up a little for others.

“I hope that 20 years from now, there’s been many people to follow me rather than being told what they can’t do,” Miller said.

“Because there’s too much of that going on.”

The ATB Financial Classic 2017 runs from August 10 to 13 at the Country Hills Golf Club in Calgary.

Source CBC News

CPAA Announces New Spokesman Kyle Miller

We are proud to announce our new CPAA spokesman Kyle Miller. He is the only Golf Professional with his specific physical limitations caused by cerebral palsy, completely affecting his entire left side. Kyle is 26 years old and has been a Golf Professional for the past 8 years.

Kyle will use his voice to build awareness about cerebral palsy. He will also educate the public about the CPAA’s programs and services that directly impact the lives of over 3,900 people in the province.

Kyle and the CPAA have created a new fundraising platform. This website speaks to Kyle’s professional golf career, his determination in overcoming the odds and the programs and services that the CPAA provides.

Last weekend Kyle took part in the ATB Financial Classic and was the talk of the town. You can read more about his accomplishments at

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