Grip aid for daily living with special needs

At last, a simple hygienic way for people with hand problems to hold eating utensils, cups, writing implements, sports equipment, and toys.

Adelynn Zeuner holds a fork to eat peaches with the aid of an EazyHold band developed by a Simi Valley company led by three sisters. Juan Carlo, Ventura County Star

PR Newswire October 24, 2017

EazyHold has received its patent for the first silicone grip aids. Designed for use at home, hospitals and schools, it’s one of the simplest ways to solve the universal problem of poor hand function and difficulty holding things.

Developed by 3 sisters with a family history of arthritis and a passion for extreme sports, art, cooking and gardening, they combined old and new technology to produce a super adaptable utensil holding cuff. Finally, people with limited grip or no grip will have the ability to hold and use daily life objects such as eating utensils, pens, toothbrushes, music instruments, comfortably and hygienically.

From left, Simi Valley sisters Kerry, Merrily and Wendy Mellin show off their recently awarded patent for the EazyHold cuff. Camarillo Acorn

The Mellin sisters initially developed the grip assist for adult use, but also discovered the profound need for tiny grip aids for infants with cerebral palsy, brain injury, pediatric arthritis/ stroke, hydrocephalus, aphasia, epilepsy, finger/ limb loss. So they also created the first ever soft comfortable silicone cuff for little hands, as well.

Designer Kerry Mellin says, “Our EZs mean the difference between a child with special needs holding their first teether, bottle, spoon or toy without needing a caregivers hand over hand assistance. All huge developmental milestones for every child to learn and achieve. And for the adult, being able to do for ones self allows for a full, dignified, independent life.”

Because the current traditional “universal cuffs” can spread germs and bacteria, Wendy Mellin who worked in food services for 20 years explains: “We made our EZs of food grade silicone which supports no bacterial growth and can be washed and dried at high temperatures, which makes them the first choice for use in hospitals and schools.”

Kyle Zeuner watches his daughter Adelynn Zeuner, use an EazyHold band to play music. Juan Carlo, Ventura County Star

A Real Game Changer

Therapist Margaret Rice from My Therapy Source Inc. says: “Once in awhile, a new product hits the market that can be a game changer. The biggest benefit is that the child can explore the object developing a greater cognitive understanding of the object through the use of the EazyHold versus not being able to pick up the object at all. This product seems to be a simple solution to help children grasp items such as toys, utensils and more, so children can increase their independence. Movement through play drives learning in children. Your EazyHold provides that pathway for movement and exploration.”

Erika Reeves, an occupational therapist at St. Dominic Outpatient Rehabilitation Center and Hand Management Center in Jackson MS, recognizes that this can become a standard in therapists’ kits. “As an occupational therapist, I have dealt with the struggles of ill-fitted, universal cuffs and the difficulties of keeping cuffs clean for quite some time. I’ve had patients feed themselves, resume handwriting or simply brush their doll’s hair with these products. I’ve seen parents, caregivers and patients experience new joys that they thought were only in the past. I highly suggest these for in clinic use and as products to promote to patients.”

Source PR Newswire

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