Kayak paddle solution

Angle Oar offers two mounted paddle systems to make recreational, adaptive kayaking much easier for people with limited arm motion or stamina.

The Versa system

By  New Mobility June 1, 2018

The first, Versa, features a paddle that can be kept straight or angled in a sort-of tee-pee shape, which allows for much less range of motion. The mount lifts upward to make getting into the kayak a bit easier, and the unit can be removed with a pin.

The second, Gamut, uses YakAttack RotoGrips to hold the kayaker’s own paddle between two soft rollers. It’s positioned between the legs, so is not recommended for kayaks that have built-in cup holders or other such features in the center of the boat.

Sit-in kayaks use a hinged mount that attaches on the cockpit rim and sit-on-tops use a plate mount that is secured to the kayak’s floor. For more info, including a list of most compatible kayaks, go to www.angleoar.com.

Source New Mobility


Kayak Angling with the Gamut Paddle Holder. The Gamut mounted paddle holder does something no other device can – keeps your paddle securely and conveniently as you bait, cast or reel in a fish. Simply “let go” and your paddle stays put — you don’t have to worry about it falling in the water. Paddle backwards just as easily. No more paddle leashes, wet laps, expensive pedal kayaks or balancing acts, and you can use your favorite angling paddle. For more information, see www.angleoar.com. LAGUNA LAKE. Youtube Feb 25, 2018
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