CP Foundation launches new universal design “Accessibility is Beautiful” initiative

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation launched a new initiative on the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) called Accessibility is Beautiful, generously supported by CHUBB.

The YouTube miniseries, developed by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, follows designer and HGTV host, John Gidding, as he explores a range of incredible architect-designed homes that follow the principles of Universal Design.

Universal Design, Global Accessibility News, Cerebral Palsy Foundation May 18, 2019

This innovative accessibility initiative includes a YouTube video miniseries and Universal Design Look Book will feature the homes of disability advocates Pat Wright and Deb Zeyen, Karen Braitmayer, Leslie Haynes and Randy Earle, designed by architects Carol Sundstrom of Rom Architecture Studio, and Cathi House of House + House Architects.

Whether built in a remote seaside town, a gritty downtown location, or the beautiful suburbs of Seattle, these stunning homes meet the requirements of their owners’ specific needs, and are truly accessible for everyone. The video miniseries showcases how these residences are both beautiful works of architecture, as well as well-functioning homes.

“Working on this project with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation has been an amazing experience, exposing me to architects leading the way in crafting spaces that welcome everyone. It has been eye-opening to visit these stunning homes and see firsthand the beauty of accessibility, the actual lifestyle upgrades provided by the principles of Universal Design, and how easy they are to implement,” shared John Gidding, Designer and HGTV host.

“The CPF Accessibility is Beautiful Look Book (21.6 MB PDF) provides inspiration and a Universal Design Checklist on making homes and living spaces more accessible for everyone,” says Rachel Byrne, Vice President of Programs for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. “Our Look Book provides a detailed view of all the features in each of the homes in the YouTube miniseries and gives ideas that can be shared with architects and home designers alike,” adds Byrne.

Leslie Haynes, one of the homeowners featured explains, “We found a team of experts who crafted a space that gave me back peace of mind and allows my family to relax and flourish through smart, compassionate, universal design.”

Universal Homes: Episode 1 “City Living.” Randy Earle and Leslie Haynes show off their cool wheelchair accessible 1000 square foot, 1 bedroom downtown loft.
Architect Carol Sundstrom was able to utilize the open floor plan to create a space that is artistic, innovative and accessible for all. This miniseries was created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation with generous support from Chubb. Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Youtube May 16, 2019
Universal Homes: Episode 2 “Family Time in the Suburbs.” When Karen Braitmayer and her husband were looking for their first home together they knew Karen had particular needs as a wheelchair user and found a house that had a ramp from the garage into the house.
Architect Carol Sundstrom was able to reimagine the floor plan to maintain the scale and charm of a single-level, mid-century modern home within the existing footprint while adding all the extra space and functionality that Karen and her family needed. This miniseries was created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation with generous support from Chubb. Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Youtube May 22, 2019
Off the Grid in Mexico. Chubb PRS Youtube May 6, 2019
About the Cerebral Palsy Foundation
The Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF), a sixty-year old nonprofit foundation headquartered in New York City and a leading voice in the world of Cerebral Palsy, serves as a thought-leader and catalyst to create new opportunities in the world of disability. The Cerebral Palsy Foundation focuses on improving the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy today through research, innovation and collaboration. Its deep partnerships with medical institutions, corporations and media companies support the efforts to inform, connect, and empower people with CP and their families. To learn more visit www.yourcpf.org

Source Global Accessibility News, Cerebral Palsy Foundation

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