And the innovation center expects to have a fourth startup coming on board in a few months—the winner of the MedTech Innovator Competition. It’s still early days, but other plans for the facility include hosting hackathons, innovation forums, and startup pitch days. Startups are also brought in informally (Campbell and Elkins are networking like crazy), shown materials, and sometimes given samples to work with.

Campbell and Elkins expect to eventually have some kind of partnership agreement with 20 startups. They aren’t releasing a timeline, but expect to move quickly. After that, they will add new partners to keep the field to about that number as companies move out of the development phase. Campbell, who previously incubated startups at Hewlett-Packard and Philips, says, “In my experience, 20 is a magic number, the number we can manage with a small team, without layers of management.”

If you think your company should be one of those 20, you can contact the Gore Innovation Center directly.

Source IEEE Spectrum