Quad-friendly off-road handcycles from Maddiline now available in U.S.

There’s a new off-road handcycle option for wheelchair users with limited arm and grip strength who want to get off the beaten path. The XE series handcycles from Maddiline, an Italian manufacturer, feature a high seat height that makes for easy transfers, a power-assist powerful enough to help you glide over soft surfaces and an array of grip, shifting and braking options.

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By Seth McBride, New Mobility June 23, 2021

The Crosswind XE and Race XE are exclusively available through Bike-on.com’s “Quad Elite” arm, which is run by John Squires, a C5-6 quad. Squires says that he first got in touch with Maddiline because there was a dearth of quality off-road handcycles available in the U.S., and even fewer quad-friendly options.

He set up a Crosswind XE, a model that features rear-suspension, with Quadgrips tri-pin-style pedals, reverse brake (similar to a coaster brake found on many kids bikes), a chin-activated gear shifter and a chin-activated throttle for the power assist. Because he has only biceps and shoulder muscles, it can be hard to get the cranks spinning enough to activate the power assist on a hill. “At that point, you just push the throttle with your chin. It gives you a little power to get the cranks moving, and then your power system kicks in,” he says. “That really helps keep you out of funky situations.”

Similarly, Squires recommends a reverse brake for anyone who doesn’t have the grip strength to pull a traditional hand brake. He says quads are usually able to activate the reverse brake much quicker than other options like an elbow brake, a necessity when you’re riding off-road and unexpected obstacles pop up. Maddiline offers its own reverse brake as an option, which makes quad-friendly conversion simpler than with other off-road bikes on the market. With the chin-operated shifter and throttle and the reverse brake, there are no cables or electronics attached to the cranks, which makes for a “really seamless setup,” he says.

In addition to the Crosswind, Maddiline also offers the Race XE, a rigid-frame model that can otherwise be setup with all the same options as the pricier Crosswind. Both models come standard with a mid-drive power assist motor. “I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall, weigh 200 pounds and it’ll take me up anything,” says Squires. He spends much of the year in Florida, and often rides his Crosswind on the sand, which you can check out in the video below.

The Crosswind XE starts at $12,847 and the Race XE starts at $10,714. Squires says that Maddiline is able to build custom frames for children as well. For more information, visit Bike-on’s website or email Squires directly at john@bike-on.com.

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Maddiline Race Xe is a pedal-assist only handbike, handbuilt in Italy that offers tons of customizable options from offroad packages to road-specific builds and so much more. Check the full line of Maddiline handbikes only found with Bike-on in the U.S.
Decided to first test the limits of this handbike on some local mountain bike trails to get the full experience with the Bafang motor and push the capabilities of this handcycle. Bike-On. Youtube Dec 10, 2020

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