Quickie Nitrum manual wheelchair dials up the features

Quickie has launched a new manual wheelchair, the Nitrum, that promises to put more power in your push. By employing an ovalized, aircraft grade aluminum tubing, the Nitrum weighs in at just 9.7 pounds for the frame (without brakes), while offering class-leading rigidity designed to increase push efficiency.

By Seth McBride, New Mobility April 13, 2021

“Our product development team includes very experienced designers and engineers who are long-term wheelchair users themselves,” said Sunrise Medical CEO, Thomas Babacan. “We make sure that we consider all the finest details in our designs and innovations, and we are confident you will feel the differences and benefits.”

Other features of the Nitrim include LED lights integrated into the frame, so you can stay safe at night, and a unique caster width adjustment capability that lets you fine-tune your ride for optimum maneuverability or stability. The Nitrum also includes easily adjustable, block-and-tackle seat upholstery and a patented, twist-lock backrest bar that Quickie says will allow users to fold, lift, and load the Nitrum into a car with a single hand. Redesigned wheel locks are unobtrusive and have been designed for greater durability.

Rigid Nitrum Hybrid. Sunrise Medical

The Nitrum retails from $2,695 USD and is covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare. For more information, check out the video below or visit Quickie’s website.

QUICKIE Nitrum – 3D Visualizer (EN). Sunrise Medical Europe. Youtube Oct 12, 2020
Seth McBride
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