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Arts Commons is Calgary’s home for performing and visual arts.

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Pedesting December 6, 2022

Pedesting creates the building blocks of enhanced opportunity for all our global citizens

No matter how you move from A to B, we’re dedicated to finding the easiest, safest and most accessible way to reach your target place. We use cutting edge navigation technology to enable the Pedesting app to analyze the best urban information available; combined with your personal needs or preferences Pedesting will provide the best indoor and outdoor routes possible.

Whether you walk, roll or need to quickly and safely know where you’re going, Pedesting will find the best route so you can enjoy the journey and focus on the reason for your trip.

We’re all pedesters

We all aspire to navigate through indoor and outdoor spaces. We all dream about life without barriers or obstacles. But the reality is that most buildings and public spaces were not designed for everyone’s pedesting needs. So we built this technology to maximize the potential for us all to live in vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.

We believe that in a pedesting world we will clearly recognize the gaps in accessible routes or obstacles to easy access; likewise, we will clearly see opportunities to build places that truly work for everyone. Good pedesting transcends mobility challenges, sight limitations and the effects of an aging population; because at some point, we’re all pedesting together.

Beta Testing Campaign Video: November 20 – December 20, 2022. Jenni O’Nyons. Youtube Nov 20, 2022
We Need Your help with Beta Testing! Try it Now!

Let’s change the world, one step at a time.

You can help us make the world a little better for all pedestrians.

Pedesting is a new way of navigating the pedestrian spaces in our city. We have designed the app to address the problems that people with disabilities have when trying to find accessible routes to their destinations. Our dream is to enable people with a disability to partake in the great spaces and events that the city of Calgary has to offer.

We encourage people of all abilities to test our app in one or more of the buildings currently on our Pedesting Zones; The Central Library, located in the East Village and Brookfield Place and Arts Commons, both located in the Downtown Core.

Your feedback is very important to Pedesting and will help us improve the functionality of the Pedesting app. Your contribution will help all pedestrians, especially those with a mobility challenge, find accessible routes through our city.

Testing will take place now until December 20, 2022.

For iOS (Apple products, i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPad mini) click here to download the app from Test Flight or scan the QR code below.

For Android (other smart devices, i.e., Samsung or Google phone) click here to download the app or scan the QR code below.

(FYI you may receive a warning when downloading the app on an Android device, as Pedesting is hosting the app on our server).

Beta Testing Support

After testing the app please click here to take our survey!

Additional information on the current Pedesting Zones

The Central Library, which opened in 2018 can be tough to navigate with five levels 240,000 sq. ft. of functional, flexible and beautifully designed space, the Central Library is home to a physical collection of 450,000 books, more than 30 free community meeting areas, a performance hall, café, outdoor plazas, a children’s library, dedicated spaces for teens, recording studios

Brookfield Place, owned by Brookfield Properties, is fantastic buildings to test on the app, being a 56 story office tower located in the heart of downtown Calgary, connected to the +15 network. The main lobby is beautifully modern and is a hub for coffee meetings boasting some fantastic food vendors like Chachi’s Sandwich Bar, Dirtybelly, Sucre Patisserie & Cafe, and Deville Coffee.

Being essentially four buildings in one, Arts Commons (formerly EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts) is more of an art complex than a building. Another fantastic addition to the app with plenty of visitors, it is one of the three largest arts centres in Canada and is home to six resident companies, including Alberta Theatre Projects, Arts Commons Presents, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Downstage, One Yellow Rabbit, and Theatre Calgary.

We look forward to your insight and incorporating your feedback to improve our app.

By using our app, we’re committed to ensuring all people have the best possible chance of accessing opportunities that can help them reach their greatest potential. We like the idea of people thriving and pedesting from the communities where they live to the places they work and their favourite spots to play. This is how Pedesting can create possibilities for impactful economic and social transformation. – Nabeel Ramji

Nabeel Ramji, Co-founder of Pedesting

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