PCL Posterior cruciate ligament

The posterior cruciate ligament (cruciate means shaped like a cross) crosses behind the anterior cruciate ligament, ACL within the joint.

Injury risk factors among telemark skiers

Most telemark skiers worry the most about injuring their knees while earning their turns. The study certainly supports this concern, as the most common injury is to the knee (about 30-35% of all injuries reported). Storm Chasing … READ MORE

ACL knee bracing update

Members of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, AOSSM, revealed only 13 percent of respondents never braced their ACL reconstructed patients. The orthopaedic community has recognized – with increasing clarity, … READ MORE

Doctors identify a new knee ligament

Knee surgeons from the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium announced that they had found a new knee ligament, one that had not previously been specifically identified, despite untold numbers of past knee dissections and scans. By … READ MORE

A historical perspective of PCL bracing

Bradley Nash on the court during a volleyball game. (Submitted photo by Bahram Mark Sobhani for the WAC – All Rights Reserved) Purpose: Currently, there are many functional knee braces, but very few designed to treat the … READ MORE

Young athlete sport injury service

The young athlete sport injury service is led by Jordan Raugust, MD and exclusively available at the Running Injury Clinic. Dr. Raugust teams-up with Shari Macdonald, the Clinic Director, one of the top physiotherapists in Canada … READ MORE

Knee problems and injury

Treatment for a knee problem or injury may include first aid measures, rest, bracing, physiotherapy, medicine and in some cases, surgery. Treatment depends on the location, type, and severity of the injury as well as your age, … READ MORE

Custom knee braces protect your ligaments

Protect and stabilize your knee with a custom knee brace, measured and fit by our professionals. We have first hand experience with a variety of treatments for knee ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and chondromalacia including … READ MORE

Sports Medicine at Winsport

The WinSport Medicine Clinic is located within the Markin MacPhail Centre at Canada Olympic Park. A staff of clinical professionals offer an integrated approach to injury. The team includes Canadian Academy of Exercise & Sport … READ MORE
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