Gaming camera could aid MS treatment

Kinect 3D camera used to assess walking of MS patients. In a recent issue of IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, researchers from McGill University in Canada describe the development of a gait assessment system based … READ MORE

OpenNotes reaches 10 million

The OpenNotes movement is excited to share a milestone — 10 million Americans can now read their medical notes securely online. Overwhelmingly, patients agree that reading their notes helps them feel more in control of their health … READ MORE

Telemedicine sucks as much as in-person care

Telemedicine proponents have argued for years that virtual care is at least as effective as in-person care delivered in a traditional clinical setting. Based on new research, they may be more right than they had thought. Neil Versel, … READ MORE

Why can’t you email your doctor?

Email may be the preferred communication method with clients in many industries, but many health care clinics are still relying on phone and fax to connect with patients. Only about 11% of Canadian primary care doctors communicate … READ MORE

Letting patients read the doctor’s notes

The patient, a wiry businessman in his 50s, needed a copy of his medical records to bring to a specialist for a second opinion. He assumed that getting the copies would be straightforward; the records were, after all, his. By Pauline … READ MORE

How doctors use smartphones in hospitals

Findings suggest that medical residents are looking for quicker forms of medical confirmation and information, rather than multimedia formats that may be more time consuming to process during clinic. This is consistent with another … READ MORE

20 ways to see the heart

Our ability to see the human heart – its intricate valves, vessels and chambers – can mean less invasive procedures for patients. Better care for daughters, moms, dads, grandpas and more. A look inside the technology and … READ MORE
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