I’m new to exercise – how do I get started?

It’s never too late to start keeping yourself fit. Your body is designed to move and not doing so can harm the tissues in and around your joints.

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Many people are afraid to exercise because they believe that it damages their joints. But keeping active will help to

  • keep your joints supple
  • reduce pain.
Do I need to see my doctor before I start exercising?

If you’re worried about starting a new exercise, your doctor can give you a check-up to make sure you’ll benefit from more activity.

If needed, your GP can refer you to a physiotherapist. They can advise you about specific exercises and may give you an exercise plan to follow.

Some GPs prescribe exercise at local sports centres. If you go to a gym or health club, tell your instructor about your condition so that they can give you an exercise plan.

How can I stay motivated?

To stay motivated, it’s important to

  • set realistic goals (it’s normal for these goals to change as your condition changes)
  • do exercise that you enjoy
  • do it regularly.

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