Plantar fasciitis / ankle sprain – ice with T-shape wrap

There are lots of reasons for foot pain or ankle pain. From achilles tendonitis to plantar fasciitis, icing is a key part of recovery.

This video shows how the unique shape of this hot/cold therapy wrap helps it mold around the angles of your foot and ankle. From a sprained ankle to plantar fasciitis, the T-Shape Wrap is perfectly contoured to conform to your ankle.

Until now, there were 3 basic choices for hot and cold therapy relief: an ice pack, a gel-pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables. FrozenPeaz® hot/cold packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy, shatter previous expectations for hot and cold packs.

Hunching over a computer and long days at work can be a pain in the neck. Literally. Soft on your skin. Perfectly contoured to relieve neck and shoulder pain. This wrap also easily conforms to ankles and elbows. This pack delivers the soothing hot or cold therapy you need to relieve your neck pain. Ice… Ice… Baby – Plantar fasciitis. Ankle sprain. Tennis elbow. All injuries that benefit from regular ice therapy.

Hot vs Cold Therapy – 4 Tips to Help You Decide
Confused about when to use hot therapy and when to use cold therapy? You are not alone. The hot vs cold therapy debate can seem complicated. Understanding the benefits of each is key to relieving pain and speeding recovery.

  1. Use Cold Therapy immediately after an injury to reduce inflammation.
  2. Do not use Cold Therapy on stiff muscles or joints.
  3. Use Hot Therapy to relax/sooth sore muscles or to increase range of motion.
  4. Do not use Hot Therapy on an injury that is already warm to the touch.

Although those 4 guidelines are simple ways to determine whether to use hot or cold therapy, there is a lot more science behind the decision. More hot and cold tips

BumpPeaz Delivers Child-Sized Pain Relief
FrozenPeaz®, the award-winning hot and cold therapy product, will launch BumpPeaz®, a child-focused product line, at this year’s MedTrade. Doctors recommend cold therapy as a medication-free way to help prevent and reduce the pain and swelling associated with everything from typical childhood traumas like bumps, bruises and bug bites to injection sites, fever and other pain associated with pediatric illness.

BumpPeazAnnounce-420x240BumpPeaz® (5.5” x 4”) comes with a cozy flannel pocket to protect tender skin and is the perfect size to soothe the aches and pains of little ones. BumpPeaz also includes five temporary tattoos featuring Snappy, the FrozenPeaz mascot. “Between the pain relieving benefits of a cold pack and the fun tattoo, we’ll find a way to turn that frown upside down”, said MaryCarol Dolivier, co-founder of FrozenPeaz.

About FrozenPeaz
FrozenPeaz® patent-pending products deliver high-performance hot and cold therapy in one easy to use pack. FrozenPeaz innovative, doctor recommended products are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes tailored to target different sources of pain from migraine headaches to back pain to plantar fasciitis and everything in between. FrozenPeaz, a natural alternative to pain medications, are non-toxic, plant-based, and safe. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster.™

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