Nonoperative correction of Pectus carinatum with orthotic bracing


This study sought to evaluate the efficacy of nonoperative compression in correcting pectus carinatum in children.

Materials and Methods.

Children presenting with pectus carinatum between August 1999 and January 2004 were prospectively enrolled in this study.

The management protocol included custom compressive bracing, strengthening exercises, and frequent clinical follow-up.


There were 30 children seen for evaluation. Their mean age was 13 years (range, 3-16 years) and there were 26 boys and 4 girls. Of the 30 original patients, 6 never returned to obtain the brace, leaving 24 patients in the study. Another 4 subjects were lost to follow-up. For the remaining 20 patients who have either completed treatment or continue in the study, the mean duration of bracing was 16 months, involving an average of 3 follow-up visits and 2 brace adjustments.

Five of these patients had little or no improvement due to either too short a follow-up or noncompliance with the bracing. The other 15 patients (75%) had a significant to complete correction. There were no complications encountered during the study period.


orthotic bracing is a safe and effective alternative to both invasive surgical correction and no treatment for pectus carinatum in children.

Compliance is critical to the success of this management strategy.


Nonoperative correction of pectus carinatum with orthotic bracing, Banever GT, Konefal SH, Gettens K, Moriarty KP, J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. 2006 Apr;16(2):164-7

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