5 steps for parents to take after receiving a special-needs diagnosis


Hearing a diagnosis of special needs can generate a huge crush of emotions for many parents. We asked the experts at Children’s Link Society for some tips for those dealing with a diagnosis.

Calgary Herald, March 18, 2016

1. Breathe

Take time to absorb the news. You have experienced a loss — a period of adjustment is to be expected. Be kind to yourself.

2. Become informed

Research and collect disability-specific resources and information regarding services and supports within your community. Disability affects the entire family unit, it is important to establish a variety of supports for your child with special needs, for siblings, and for yourselves, as parents.

3. Connect with others

You are not alone. It is helpful to connect with others to avoid becoming isolated. Consider joining a Coffee Social group through Children’s Link Society, another support group in the community, or networking on-line.

4. Call Children’s Link Society

Call the Children’s Link Society at 403-230-9158, visit our web site or connect with us on Facebook. We have Family Link Consultants who are happy to assist parents of children who have been newly diagnosed by providing information, referral, and support.

5. Contact Family Supports for Children With Disabilities, FSCD

FSCD is a provincial funding support program for families of children with special needs. To see if your family may qualify for services, call their intake line at 403-297-6022 or visit their web site.

Source Calgary Herald


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