Home monitored rehab following total knee replacement

Claris Reflex is a wearable sensor that provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of patient movement.

Claris Healthcare, a company with offices in Vancouver, Canada and Ferndale, Washington, is releasing its novel Claris Reflex knee rehab monitoring system.

Medgadget November 7, 2017

The product consists of a sensor attached to the leg, above and below the knee, that constantly measures the flexion and extension of a knee that underwent a surgical procedure, and a software package that helps patients to perform rehab on their own and for clinicians to remotely monitor the progress.

The system is specifically intended for rehab and monitoring of total knee replacement patients, but it would seem it should be similarly applicable for other knee rehab cases.

The sensor device is worn almost all the time during post-op rehab, which allows it to record direction of the movements, the data on which is automatically uploaded to a paired tablet or smartphone. The patient uses the app’s dashboard to get feedback and to be guided in any exercises that are appropriate.

In the meantime, clinicians with access to the Claris dashboard can monitor their patient progress. Overall, the goal of the system is to cut down on the number of visits to the rehab clinic that patients have to undertake, lowering costs and empowering patients to be responsible for their progress.

Claris Reflex is used by orthopedic clinics (such as RebalanceMD) to track, coach, and monitor knee replacement patients throughout their recovery. The wearable sensor tracks patient activity 24/7 and the connected tablet automatically coaches them through their ideal rehabilitation at home. Using Claris Reflex reduces the cost of post-acute care for bundled payment patients. Paul Sharman. Youtube Oct 31, 2017

Source Medgadget
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