Phantom: the first ultrasound for the Mac

Upgrade your tool belt.

Phantom transforms your Mac into a point-of-care ultrasound kit. It accurately captures high-quality imagery of abdominal and pelvic windows with a reliable, multi-application probe, and generates complex side-by-side measurements and calculations that can be stored and shared directly from your Mac. Its collaborative features provide start to finish productivity from capturing images to annotating, sharing, even billing. Experience a seamlessly integrated workflow.

Medgadget May 19, 2018

It’s lightweight, compact, and the only Mac-friendly ultrasound on the market. With a reliable, multi-application 3.5 MHz probe it accurately captures abdominal, cardiac and pelvic windows that can be stored, shared and sorted directly from your Mac. The phantom transforms your Mac into a point-of-care ultrasound kit.

“I love this device, I will use it in the office and take it on house calls. It’ll pay for itself in weeks” said Urologist Andrew Rosenberg MD.

Bladder volume calculation. Phantom

Phantom’s intuitive interface and “Library” feature allows for seamless integration of workflow in an easy-to-use system. The ability to compare images immediately and share with colleagues at point-of-care is priceless.

We are pleased to partner with Interson, the award winning leader in USB ultrasound technology.” Said Robert Spencer MD, Chief Operating Officer of Teleomed Devices.

The Phantom Ultrasound kit and macOS reader was developed in partnership with Interson Corporation of Pleasanton California, the inventor of the USB peripheral ultrasound.

Crown-rump length calculation. Phantom

“Interson is proud to partner with Phantom from Teleomed Devices in shipping the first Ultrasound Reader kit for Macintosh,” said Roman Solek, President of Interson.

Teleomed Devices Incorporated is located in San Mateo, California and is dedicated to improve the health of vulnerable populations by empowering patients and providers with well-designed tools. We are a passionate, multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers, and scientists united by a goal to make health technologies cheaper, better, and more accessible. We are guided by the belief that by focusing on the patient-provider relationship, we can build systems that foster patient engagement, enable earlier interventions, and promote better outcomes.

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