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Active Life Physiotherapy Canmore
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Canmore AB T1W 2T6
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Our story
Active Life Physiotherapy was born out of the idea to empower individuals to be active in life over their life span.

Heather King started the clinic in 2007 in North Vancouver, with a colleague, in a community centre fitness setting. The clinic provided high quality, focused care with extended appointment visits so treatment was provided free of the usual rush. Over the years, the team grew to include other Physiotherapists, a Dietitian and a Mental Performance Consultant to provide a more comprehensive and holisitic approach to honour and fully embrace the body and mind connection.

In 2014, Active Life Physiotherapy opened an office in Canmore as clinic owner, Heather King, was drawn to the sunshine and Rocky Mountains. The Bill Warren Training Centre provides a similar model of the clinic in North Vancouver for the local Bow Valley and surrounding community. The centre provides space for private consultations and a bridge into the community fitness centre to support success in the rehabilitation journey – and empower healthy intelligent movement.

Why choose Active Life Physiotherapy?
  • Undivided individual attention and unhurried healthcare.
  • Thorough and comprehensive assessments as well as research-based treatment plans.
  • Highly skilled physiotherapists and allied health professionals – each with extensive experience.
  • Personalized exercise prescriptions with online support so you can leave your session knowing what to do next so you get the most out of your rehabilitation.
  • Variety of treatment options including exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrical modalities, acupuncture, client education and video conference options with our partner Cloud Go Health
  • Access to full fitness facility
  • Group Physiotherapy coaching to support your success

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