FIFA 11+ Complete warm up programme to prevent injury

maxresdefaultHealth is key to development and growth. Football, the one passion that unites people of all ages, gender, languages, colour, cultures and religions, may prove a uniquely effective and low-cost tool in the world’s fight for health.

What is 11+
The 11+ program has 3 parts with a total of 15 exercises. These exercises should be completed in the order specified with emphasis on correct technique. Different levels of difficulty exist within each part and you should only progress when an exercise can be performed without difficulty for the specified number of repetitions.

Part 1 – running exercises at slow speed followed by controlled partner contacts
Part 2 – six sets of exercises focussing on core strength, balance, plyometrics and agility
Part 3 – running exercises at moderate/high speed combined with cutting/planting movements

The great thing about this program is that it can be done by elite, professional players or at a local club level.

With thanks to MGS Physio in Manly, New South Wales

View the Exercise poster, Plus cards and 11+ Workbook
More information, translations and downloads here. Read the FAQs and watch the exercise videos on F-MARC or Youtube

F-MARC developed The 11 in 2008. It’s a prevention programme for amateur players, whose effectiveness has been well proven in Switzerland. A nationwide implementation (2004-2008) led to a significant decrease in injuries during matches and training, proving not only the effectiveness of the programme, but that it is easily and broadly applicable (paper available in here). Since then, The 11 was further developed into a more comprehensive programme, The 11+.

11+ is a complete warm-up programme to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older. The programme was developed by an international group of experts and its effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study (Norway, 2008). Teams that performed 11+ at least twice a week had 30 – 50% less injured players (paper available here).

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