Latest technology for protecting knees during play

Injuries to the knees are common in soccer. This is because the sport requires a lot of stopping and starting as well as quick changes in direction. There’s also a lot of running up and down the field, which takes its toll on knees.

In soccer, players experience both cumulative and acute knee injuries. Cumulative injuries are those that build up over time from overuse, whereas acute injuries happen suddenly due to trauma. Common soccer knee injuries include:

  • Torn Ligaments – ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome / Runner’s Knee
  • Tendinitis of the Knee
  • Torn Knee Cartilage

Proper warm ups, cool downs and resting goes a long way in helping athletes avoid knee injuries. Today there’s also a wide selection of knee braces that can protect your knees while you play.

New Knee Brace Technology for Soccer Players
Hybrid Knee Braces

Hybrids aren’t just for cars anymore. Hybrid knee braces address numerous issues to expand protection. They can also act as hybrids when it comes to fit, which is the case for the New Options K67 Hybrid brace. It’s a slip on brace that acts like a wrap around.

Web Designs

One of the latest designs being used for knee braces is web design. The web design helps to disperse energy throughout the knee as a way of alleviating pain. The web also wraps around to provide more support, absorbs shock and shifts peak load as needed. It’s a more responsive brace that stays firmly in place.

Custom Fit Braces

Gone are the days when braces were one size fits all, or it required a fitting from a doctor. Customization is a big selling point for a lot of today’s knee braces and pads. You can either have a brace that’s adjustable or one that’s made to your unique specifications which is the case for high-end braces like the Custom OA Defiance from DonJoy.

It’s as much about comfort as it is about performance. Brace makers like DonJoy are now putting focus on braces that are being worn during physical activity when proper fit is of the utmost importance.

Enhanced Materials
Aircraft Aluminum

Lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum is used in many top-performing braces like the new Bledsoe Z-13.


– Super light and super strong, titanium is one of the best metals for braces. It also offers superior shock absorbency and supreme tensile strength. However, the benefits of titanium do come at a higher price.


Lycra is a popular new kneepad and brace material because it offers superior support while being very breathable unlike neoprene. Again DonJoy is revolutionizing braces with their Lycra-based Drytex material, which keeps braces from getting hot and sweaty.

If you’ve had knee problems in the past, it’s important to wear proper knee protection during soccer lessons and games. Even players that have yet to have knee injuries can benefit from today’s high tech kneepads and braces.

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