Shoe insert helps clinicians evaluate how patients walk

Seattle startup will use Samsung’s new Artik chips to turn ordinary sneakers into smart shoes.

Reflx Labs, the Seattle startup behind the Boogio bionic foot sensor, is one of the first companies using Samsung’s Artik chips – leveraging a new platform unveiled by the electronics giant today as part of its expansion into the Internet of Things.


Early concept showing the Boogio smart shoe technology. Credit: Reflx Labs

By Blair Hanley Frank, GeekWire 

Boogio is a paper-thin shoe insert with tens of thousands of layers of pressure sensitivity. It connects to a small device that attaches to any shoe, containing an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth connectivity. Jose Torres, the Reflx Labs CEO, says the use of Samsung’s Artik-1 miniature system-on-a-chip will allow the wearable technology company to shift from a relatively large prototype device to a much smaller module on the shoe.

Credit: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

Torres was on stage at Samsung’s event today to announce that Reflx is working with Florida Hospital to develop new rehab solutions for pediatric patients using the Boogio foot sensors. The two teams will work together to make applications for the Boogio sensors, which slip into a user’s shoe and can then transmit data about how someone is walking for logging and evaluation.

“Our initial observation of Boogio as a ‘smart shoe’ with children is very intriguing,” Julie Sexton, the administrative director of Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, said in a press release. “We see the potential to develop interactive and engaging treatments not only for children, but for adults and athletes as well.”

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