A schedule for wearing your brace

Gradually increase the amount of time per day you wear your brace. Generally, it takes about a week until you can wear your brace full-time or up to the length of a normal school day.

The following program is designed to help your skin and muscles adjust to wearing the brace:

Day 1
Wear your brace up for two hours on followed by one hour off for a total wearing time of 6 hours per day.
Day 2
Increase wear to a total of 8 hours per day.
Put the brace on for 4 hours. Remove the brace, check your skin, and rub with alcohol. If your skin is just pink, re-apply the brace for 4 hours.
Repeat up to a total of 8 hours wearing time. Remove and check your skin. Try to increase the time you wear the brace each day.
Day 3
Wear the brace for a total of up to 12 hours daily. Apply the brace for 4 hours, take the brace off and check your skin and rub with alcohol. Put the brace back on.
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