Ultra-thin insole tells doctors what’s wrong with your foot

The world’s first wireless plantar pressure measurement system.

Whether in physiotherapy practice or in clinical care, the Opengo physio system provides fast and precise gait and general motion analysis with your patients. Objective measurement of rehab progress and direct feedback for patients.
physio-pro-sports-overviewSports injuries come in all shapes and sizes. Even when it’s clear where the pain is, it’s much more difficult to determine the cause. While innovations such as the Sensoria smart sock have already been able to detect bad running habits, the new Opengo science is an insole that fits discreetly into athletes’ shoes and delivers rich data to sports scientists.Moticon-Sensorsohle-in-Hand-300x221

Created by Moticon in Germany, the device is an ultra-thin layer with sensors that fit into any shoe. With the insole in place, weight distribution, motion patterns and the temperature of the foot are measured. Data are analyzed with Beaker software – easy-to-read graphs detail how the foot behaves and if changes are called for.

The kit is useful for athletes whose foot position and technique is important to their success, as well as clinical patients who have foot problems. As well as enabling doctors and personal trainers to detect the cause of injuries, the Opengo science insole provides insight about the patient’s recovery process and helps physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists optimize therapy.

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See the Opengo in booth 2513 at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association – 66th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo June 23-26, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri – the premier venue for athletic trainers to get a first-hand view of cutting edge products and industry standards.

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