Step by Step Early Intervention Society

stepbystep-kids-playingStep By Step Early Intervention Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, educating and empowering parents of children with developmental delays. Our service model is tailored specifically to the needs of the family – creating an environment where parents support one another and children enjoy active and fulfilling lives.
Step By Step
offers a variety of parent directed programming options based on various sources of funding assistance.

  • Early Developmental Screening for babies and toddlers who may not be meeting developmental milestones.
  • Developmental Aide Program support for young children with developmental delays with funding assistance from the Family Support for Children with Disabilities, FSCD Program, Alberta Human Services.
  • Specialized Services Program support for young children with developmental delays, assisted by the FSCD program.
  • PUF Program for children with motor or speech delays, who will be 2.5 years by September 1st, to attend a community preschool and families seeking a community based program.
  • Common Approach Program for children accessing both FSCD & PUF programs.

Check out parent evening sessions and workshop schedules. Call 587-893-7429 or email.

Step By Step Early Intervention Society
Box 120, Site 4, RR1
Dewinton AB T0L 0X0


The FSCD program uses a family-centred approach to provide Alberta parents with funding to access a range of supports and services that strengthen their ability to promote their child’s healthy growth and development. In addition, FSCD assists with some of the extraordinary costs of raising a child with a disability.

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