Dr. Jordan Raugust, MD, FRCPC, CSCN (EMG)

Children, youth, adults and seniors

Kinesis is a specialty medical clinic founded by a group of physiatrists. Physiatrists are specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – nerve, muscle and bone experts who treat illnesses that affect how one moves.

At Kinesis we want to inspire movement that is free from the limitations of injury or disease. We believe this is essential for achieving our core purpose: to restore function and quality of life in the patients we serve.

Jordan Raugust MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Raugust graduated from medical school at the University of Alberta and completed his post-graduate training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary. He is a strong proponent for the importance of active patient involvement in management of injuries, striving to encourage lifestyle changes that will result in a lifetime of good health.

Special Interests: pediatric sports medicine, sports medicine, electro-diagnostic medicine, ultrasound guided interventions.

How to see us
A referral is required prior to assessment
We accept referrals from the following health practitioners:

Nurse Practitioners
Occupational Therapists

Referral forms are available here

Kinesis Medical Centre
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Email  info@kinesis.ca

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