SpineEOS 3D surgical planning software approved in Europe

The spineEOS online 3D planning software allows a surgeon to utilize 3D imaging provided by the EOS system to create an optimized treatment plan to achieve improved sagittal alignment for pediatric patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis as well as adults suffering from degenerative or deformative spine conditions.

EOS imaging, a firm based in Paris, France, obtained European approval to introduce its spineEOS online 3D spinal surgery planning software. The software uses imaging obtained from the firm’s EOS system that captures stitch-free X-rays of patients head-to-toe.

The software can be used for corrective scoliosis surgeries on young patients, as well as for adults with degenerative and deformative conditions of the spine. spineEOS essentially simulates the results of potential surgeries, creating a 3D model and report of the expected result.

The software is currently being put through clinical trials at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California and Debré Hospital in Paris, France.

Source medGadget

The revolutionary EOS Imaging System is now available at Texas Children’s Hospital, the first pediatric institution in the southwest United States to have this machine. EOS is an innovative technology for orthopedic imaging of patients with scoliosis, joint replacements, back and leg pain and more.

Unlike a traditional X-ray that captures one small area of the body, EOS provides a life-size picture of the patient’s full skeleton as they stand or sit comfortably. Research shows that this technology enables: more accurate diagnoses, lower radiation dosage and faster imaging. Learn more about this Nobel Prize winning technology at eos-imaging.com. Published on YouTube Dec 5, 2015

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