3D modelling

Twin babies get helmets from Mary Free Bed

The boys landed in the severe category within a plagiocephaly and brachycephaly diagnosis. WZZM-TV Kylie Ambu, WZZM-TV June 5, 2109 GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — The Presler twins may look identical, but they’re actually fraternal. … READ MORE

Pectus carinatum bracing – FAQs for parents

Help your child wear the brace exactly as recommended by your health care provider. This will help your child get the best results from it. Bracing in pediatric patients with pectus carinatum is effective and improves quality of life. … READ MORE

Hudson gets a helmet using 3D technology

Hudson Churchill was born one month premature. Because of his particularly tender skull, he began to develop a large flat spot on the back of his head called plagiocephaly. His mom, Adele, tried to round out the flatness with a … READ MORE

A new wearable brain scanner

A helmet records a wearer’s brain activity using magnetoencephalography (MEG) while they move around. In a design that looks straight out of an old future-tech horror film, researchers in the U.K. have built a wearable, portable … READ MORE
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