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Resume the activities you love.

Unloading braces cushion the knee joint, help absorb impact and prevent bone to bone contact due to cartilage degeneration. Relieve knee pain due to degeneration or inflammation linked to osteoarthritis.

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Reduce pain and continue to enjoy the activities you love – by starting early
  1. Ask your family doctor for a knee brace prescription – based on an x-ray and radiological report of your knee.
  2. Call Braceworks  403-240-9100
Get going with an unloading knee brace from Braceworks
Relieve knee pain with an unloading knee brace

Knee pain can prevent you from enjoying an active life. In conjunction with medication, surgical, and therapeutic interventions, knee orthoses play an important role in getting you back on your feet—while waiting for a knee replacement.

Paddling with Evoke brace

Optimize your outcomes with pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation

Ease pain and increase strength before surgery to speed functional recovery. We work with your personal rehab team after surgery, too.

Save on your OA knee brace with Alberta Health benefits

Unloading knee braces for osteoarthritis are an eligible benefit with Alberta Health.

Seniors (65+) are eligible for 100% coverage.

Maximum deductible would not exceed $500 for individuals under age 65.

Call Braceworks  403-240-9100 to determine your eligibility.

Braces should be prescribed early in the course of the disease rather than using medication as the only intervention.

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Relieve pain and improve stability with an Unloader knee brace for osteoarthritis

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